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DCAHU Membership
The Many Benefits of Membership in the
Desert Cities Association of Health Underwriters!

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Preserving the Role of the Professional Agent:

It doesn't matter how large or small your agency, we all have the same goal: To preserve the role of the professional agent. By joining DCAHU, you get the knowledge that there are thousands of people dedicated to preserving your place of business and income as much as you. When you look at it this way, isn't the $609 per year ($50.75/mo) a small price to pay to preserve your livelihood?
It is important to realize that you are not just joining at the local level, but that you -now become a member of the state (CAHIP) and national (NAHU) chapters with great power and leverage within political circles. Each year NAHU spends over $1 million to present your interests before Congress and regulatory agencies. Its members hold leadership positions in over a dozen D.C. based healthcare coalitions lobbying Congress on pertinent issues, employ an outstanding team of experienced professionals to ensure your needs come first, and has a grassroots network targeting federal and state legislators with information and lobbying materials in advance of significant legislative votes.
NAHU is regarded by many of Washington's power brokers as the definitive source on the health insurance industry.
The Desert Cities Association of Health Underwriters is honored to support the professional health insurance agents and brokers, and industry representatives of Riverside County. We are single-mindedly dedicated to preserving California's private, market-based healthcare system, and to promoting the agent's vital role in that system. Mandated health benefits. Medical coverage for the uninsurable. Legislative health insurance reforms. Continuing education requirements. New Products. Changing markets. Due diligence. Alternative marketing approaches. These are just a few of the critical issues facing every health insurance professional seeking to succeed in today's competitive market - and your participation in DCAHU and our events will greatly assist you in tracking these issues.

DCAHU Membership Benefits Include:
*Monthly Membership Events featuring highly respected guest speakers, usually with one hour of C-E Credit included!
*Free Monthly Industry Publications - from NAHU and CAHIP (by mail and by e-mail) which will keep you better informed about legislative issues (and threats), carrier issues, commission issues, health care trends and so much more. 
*Legislative Lobbying Representation in Sacramento, California and Washington, DC - all year long - to safeguard your livelihood 
*Sales and Marketing Ideas - Annual Sales Symposiums, Monthly Membership Events and our publications

*Online CE Available for NAHU Members - NAHU has numerous continuing education courses available to its members, plus professional designation and certification courses - To access the NAHU online educational opportunities for members: Go to www.nahu.org/ and then click on Professional Development.

*RHU and REBC Classes and Professional Designations available 
*Eligibility for NAHU's Leading Producer Roundtable Awards 
*Enhancement of your Professional Image 

NAHU Members-Only Savings Programs
NAHU partners with leading providers of products and services used most by health insurance professionals,
● Errors and Omissions Insurance
● Conference Calling
● Overnight Shipping
● Financial Services
● Office Supplies
Your savings from these programs will exceed your NAHU dues.

NAHU Members; The Best and the Brightest
l By joining NAHU & CAHIP & DCAHU, you surround yourself with the top health insurance professionals in your area.
l  Through networking opportunities, you’ll gain valuable insight in to becoming the best you can be.
l  Health care reform continues to be the leading issue on Capitol Hill and in statehouses around the country.
l  The combined strength of 19,000+ NAHU members means your voice will be heard.
l  Through NAHU, you have the power to decide the future of your industry.

Click HERE to access our Membership Application!

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