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JANUARY Membership Webinar

If you’re opposed to jeopardizing the health care

of 91% of California residents...
you must attend this CE Class !

“ Health Insurance Marketplace -

2020 and Beyond 

Presented by- Faith Borges

     CAHU Legislative Advocate-

contracted thru California Advocates, Sacramento, CA


1 Hour of CE Credit—Course # 384896

Thursday, January 21, 2020

9:00 am to 10:00 am

Course Description:

Established by Senate Bill 104, the Healthy California for All Commission is charged with developing a plan that includes options for advancing progress toward a health care delivery system in California that provides coverage and access through a unified financing system, including, but not limited to, a single-payer financing system, for all Californians.

The appointed Commission does not make laws, rather it makes recommendations to the Legislature and Governor for future laws. This is primarily achieved through the production of two reports. The first report, An Environmental Analysis of Health Care Delivery, Coverage, and Financing in California, was distributed in August 2020. The Commission is specifically charged with describing options for key design considerations for a unified financing system in a second report due to the Legislature and the Governor on or before February 1, 2021.

While the consideration of eliminating existing thriving and robust health care systems is deeply troubling, CAHU emphatically supports the objectives of responsible reforms that ensure our health care system is accessible, affordably, high quality and universal.

Attendees for this CE Course will learn that the most fiscally and socially responsible path will include building upon existing achievements in a public private partnerships such as Covered California, MedicareMediCal and other public programs, as opposed to jeopardizing the health care of the 91% of Californians that have it, especially during a global pandemic. And you will learn what you can do to help to affect the outcome of the Commission.

Faith Borges has years of experience as a Legislative staffer. She most recently served as Legislative Director for Assembly Member Catharine Baker. During her tenure in that position, she sent many bills to the Governor’s desk, including bills on employment development, health care, transparency of government bodies, transportation, business and professions, and privacy, all of which were signed into law.


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